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When you choose GBL, you’ll be backed by one of the first companies to start processing Bitcoin for iGaming, and we continue to evolve to bring you the most up-to-date offerings in Bitcoin payment services.

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GBL Pay Crypto is an advanced Bitcoin payment processing engine. It consists of a suite of applications that can process payments while providing a holistic view of every transaction.

Our engine will provide you with detailed risk based scoring to help you analyze your transactions and identify high risk activity transactions.

Wallet Management

GBL Pay Crypto has advanced wallet management features established by our team of experts; our engine is designed to function with little to no operator involvement.

Insight Dashboard

Conduct transaction analysis by gaining visibility into wallet balances, incoming deposits and outgoing withdrawals through a unified dashboard.

Instant Payments

Provide players with the ultimate experience of instantly depositing Bitcoin. No need to wait for transactions to be confirmed on the blockchain as deposited funds can be used immediately.

Risk Score Analysis

Automated Know Your Transaction (KYT) & risk analysis on incoming and outgoing transactions to protect yourself and your users.


In addition to the reliable security we provide for our payment products. GBL Pay Crypto has hot wallet insurance coverage to provide you with peace of mind that your assets are safe.


GBL Pay Crypto can convert Bitcoin into Fiat or stable coin for clients not wanting to hold large amounts of BTC through daily, weekly or monthly reconciliations.

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