Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I integrate Bitcoin into my business?

BTC provides security, anonymity, lower fees, easier international payments.

How secure are Bitcoin transactions?

Thanks to blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies are more secure than existing currencies, banks, and financial institutions. Transactions recorded in a public, distributed ledger are more transparent and harder to tamper with.

Which companies accept Bitcoin?

Retail, travel, iGaming and services to name a few. Well known brands such as Dell, AT&T, Cheap Air, Target, Walmart, Nike, Shopify all accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.

My business will require multiple payment options, not just Bitcoin.
Is this possible?

Yes, our revolutionary payment engine combines existing payment gateways with our proprietary crypto engine, offering your business a full payment solution.

Do I need to wait a long time before my transaction is processed?

Timing can range from a few seconds to several minutes and in some cases longer. We do have a solution that provides instant payment and deposits with BTC.

What is iGaming?

Internet Gambling, also called iGaming covers almost all online casino games and all kinds of online gambling, including sports betting, casino games and poker.

How do you support iGaming?

We offer industry-leading consulting services to help clients adhere to the most stringent regulatory bodies (focused on AML, KYC, and Responsible Gaming), we build custom games and interfaces, as well as integrate 3rd party gaming options.

Do you operate a online casino or sportsbook?

No we don't. We only provide the software and technical expertise for those platforms.