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People First

Success by Committee

At GBL, we recognize that the company’s success is based on the sum of all our team’s contributions. Our greatest accomplishments are achieved only when individuals come together and work towards a unified goal.

Our Goals

We are constantly looking for ways to cultivate our passion for technology and innovation through every interaction we
have with our customers, partners, and team.

Our goal is to work with specific industries to solve problems related to adoption by first improving the user experience  and then taking that to a wider audience.

We believe in the transformative power of cryptocurrency to streamline the way companies store, send, and receive payments. Through our platform we are making this a reality.
Our belief is that people are critical to our success. The way we work together as a team, take on challenges with pride, and encourage how we move forward into the future, not only represents GBL but extends to our customers as well.

Working at GBL

We believe that work and life should balance perfectly because we know that productivity and happiness are related. This is one of the most important aspects of working at GBL.

Positive Culture

Encouragement, growth, inspiration are some of the words that define what our culture is like.

Challenging Work

The dynamic nature of our business constantly requires "out of the box" thinking.

Professional Growth

The latest tools, training and methods are available for all employees. How we work is just as important as projects we are working on.

Innovative Technology

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and iGaming are some of the technologies we work with - need we say more.

Perks at Work

Our Featured Benefits

Paid vacation
4% RRSP match
Quarterly offsites & working retreats
Weekly tech talks and demos
Healthy catered lunches for company events
Social and team events
Work from home
Personal development
4 day work week
Full health benefits
Competitive salary
Flexible work schedule

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Life at GBL

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